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We stand on a foundation built upon decades of unwavering commitment to the pursuit of justice. Our journey, rooted in a profound dedication to our clients, has shaped our identity as a leading force in the legal field.

A Legacy Of Excelence

Our history is marked by a trail of triumphs, where we've championed countless causes, fought tenaciously for justice, and stood by our clients through their most challenging moments. The path that led us here has been paved with remarkable achievements and resounding victories. It's a legacy that defines who we are, and it's a legacy we're ready to extend to you.

Practice Areas

MJD is a young upcoming firm with vast knowledge, skills, experience and expertise in key aspects of legal civil practice including all areas of corporate and commercial law, Company law and secretarial services, Conveyancing, Oil and Gas, Probate and Estate planning, Tax, Insurance, Property law, Tax law, Insurance, Contract Negotiation and drafting, Litigation, Alternative Dispute resolution (ADR) including Arbitration, Intellectual Property, Immigration, Asset Tracing and Corporate Governance. MJD also boasts experience in Legal Research, Audits, Project Advice and is among the few Regional law Firms involved in the emerging field of Oil and Gas.

In Commercial, Conveyancing and Corporate law, our lawyers handle a wide variety of commercial, corporate, property and financial transactions; including banking securities and project finance; commercial conveyancing and real property; foreign investment and joint ventures, corporate re-structuring, mergers, acquisitions and disposals; the establishment of business enterprises whether sole proprietorships, private limited, public limited, LLPs, LLCs, venture capital companies among others and the provision of related taxation and regulatory advice; advising on regulatory and compliance issues particularly in the fields of banking, insurance, telecommunications, advising on governmental and parastatal contracts, leasing, management, and commercial contracts, trade and service mark registration and immigration procedures and regulations including procuring work permits or related documents.

The Litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolutions deals with the resolution of disputes that may arise from our clients’ business dealings including large debt collection, enforcement of securities and insolvency, contractual and employment disputes, civil and commercial disputes and estate disputes. We seek to promote Alternative Dispute Resolution mechanisms but we do actively initiate suits on behalf of and or defend suits at all levels of the Kenyan Court system from Chief Magistrate’s Court to the High Court, Court of Appeal and Supreme Court where necessary. We are also well versed in arbitration proceedings either in initiating a claim on behalf of or defending our clients. The Department is also actively involved in criminal matters in various jurisdictions with the Kenyan courts.